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Turning the page on immigration

Book covers

The subject of migration is never too far from the news headlines in Australia, Europe and North America but with the recent release of two books—Migrant, Refugee, Smuggler, Saviour and The Refugee Crisis and Religion—issues around people smuggling and Islam are getting more attention. Nick Mattiske reviews. We are living in a new age of migration with over 60 million ...

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A birthday message from Rev David Baker, Queensland Synod moderator

Rev David Baker. Photo: Supplied

I’m thankful for the Uniting Church: This church gave me a community where I was known, appreciated, loved, and accepted (that’s no small thing!!!).  This church gave me space to explore that great big wonder called life! This church continues to challenge me with a bigger picture of who Jesus is. This church gave my children a place where they ...

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Book review: Why God?

Why God?

Religious faith draws in people from a wide array of cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds but what makes humans attracted to religion in the first place, and why does religion feature heavily in human societies? Nick Mattiske reviews Rodney Stark’s latest book Why God? to look for the answers. As religion supposedly declines in the West, those on the outside ...

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Writing for your life

Imagine filling out the most important form of your life in a language not your own, knowing that time is running out and a mistake may end in deportation. Dianne Jensen visits Indooroopilly Uniting Church where people seeking asylum are being given a warm welcome and a helping hand. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s announcement in late May that asylum seekers ...

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Book review: The Shack

The Shack. Photo: Windblown Media

William Paul Young’s novel The Shack became a mega sensation after solid word-of-mouth from America’s Christian community transformed it from a little-known novel from a tiny publishing outfit (operating on a shoestring marketing budget) to a USA Today best-seller. With the film adaptation—featuring Hollywood stars Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer—about to hit Aussie cinemas, Rodney Eivers reviews the 2008 book ...

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The Big Questions: “Converting the heathen”

Duncan Barlow. Photo: Supplied

It may have been a common phrase in days gone by but talk of “converting the heathen” is now loaded with problematic connotations in a world scarred by western cultural hegemony and interfaith insensitivity. Who is left to convert today and should we be active in that mission? Duncan Barlow, pastor at Toowong Uniting Church who served in Indonesia for ...

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(Good) Friday’s religion wrap

Photo of a magnifying glass over an open Bible.

The Journey team selects stories that got us talking this week.  Palms wave in glee as Jesus visits the Quay Insights covers a special appearance of Jesus (well, an actor playing him) at Circular Quay to commemorate Palm Sunday. Wesley Mission congregation members, supporters, volunteers and staff gathered in the iconic Sydney district to wave palm fronts and sing praises, much to the ...

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What do we really mean when we talk about Christian leadership?

Scott Guyatt

You may have heard the phrase “Christian leadership” within church circles. In the Queensland Synod leadership is one of five priority directions. But what does it actually mean and how much should Jesus inform your understanding of it? Scott Guyatt, the Queensland Synod’s director of mission strategy, offers his perspective. We talk so much these days about leadership, and there ...

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April 2017 Journey now available

April 2017 Journey

It’s that time of the year again when both kids and the bean counters (should that be egg counters?) in confectionery corporations lick their lips at the prospect of huge spikes in chocolate consumption levels. Australians will spend a staggering amount on chocolates (not to mention seafood, fluffy rabbit toys and eggs) during the Easter period but they’ll also give ...

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Book review: Child, Arise! The Courage to Stand

Child, Arise!

Jane Dowling’s Child, Arise! explores faith, sexual abuse and how the author’s relationship with Jesus assisted her during the long process of healing after suffering abuse from a family member and a priest. Rev Heather Griffin reviews.  Child, Arise! The Courage to Stand is, according to its full title, a “spiritual handbook for survivors of sexual abuse” but it is ...

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