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Letters December 2014

Not diversity, but unity in Christ

It looks as if we should change the title of our church.

Instead of the Uniting Church, it should be the Diversity Church according to what the Journey editor has written in November Journey.

That may be a way for journalists to go, but those who had the vision of unity, based on the Bible, didn’t have this kind of “strength” in mind when they set up the new name at union.

They saw unity in Christ as the emphatic desire of the Word of God and the action of the Holy Spirit for the church.

Rev Bruce Gulley

A letter of thanks

My husband and I are new to Brisbane and have been looking for a new church/group of people who appreciate the importance of community, inclusivity, justice, and love. I was pleasantly surprised when I flipped through your November issue of Journey. Thank you for your notes about strength in diversity, local community projects, love for our neighbours and your reminder regarding the importance of being an inclusive church. Also, rather than shying away from potentially tense topics, I was pleased to see content about current political issues. Lastly, the mention of pub-based lecture sessions also seemed to communicate an appreciation for welcoming diverse opinions and openness to fresh perspectives.

All that to say—thank you for sharing such a nice assortment of articles. I feel encouraged as my husband and I strive to learn more about how God is at work in both our new community and within the church.

Thank you and keep up the excellent work.

Denae Barlott

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