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On doctrine and the Uniting Church in Australia

Now that the Queensland Synod has passed resolutions asking the Assembly to consider amending how matters of vital importance are brought before the whole church and to clarify how we determine doctrinal matters, it seems appropriate to address some important matters raised in the debate about the nature of the church and how the church should work and to get ...

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From the Editor – September

I have to “fess up” that I have racist tendencies. Well, if not racist then at least a xenophobic predisposition. I think deep down, many of us do. It’s not something we are proud of or even like to admit but there is a comfort in the familiar and a discomfort with the stranger. Recently however, I have been increasingly ...

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Journey asks Sandy Huang of her experience of racial prejudice

I come from a Taiwanese family and when I was a teenager, my family decided to immigrate to Australia. I was excited when we arrived as everything was new: new country, new neighbours, new houses, new friends… and new schools. I started attending a high school near home hoping to make more new friends but things do not always go ...

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Offerings to God

"Offering"’ means to most Christians, "the collection". Gifts of money during public worship. These vary between a tithe and a tip. The amount isn’t a true measure. A widow at the Temple giving all, and Dives, the rich man in hell, are part of the reckoning. Suburban churches have changed. Sunday morning choir and Sunday evening worship – these have ...

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Reflections on

Introduction Contentious issues arising from Assembly Resolution 84 are not confined to biblical, theological and ethical domains. The UCA publication – Sexuality and Leadership in the Uniting Church – contains a range of thoughtful searching material which should not be minimized or downplayed. However, I am aware of a dimension to the debate which, so far as I can tell, ...

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