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Christians called to care for the earth

SEVERAL HUNDRED people took the long trek west of Hobart to the Styx Valley, an area of primal forest featuring majestic gum trees that were old when Captain Cook sailed up Australia’s eastern coast and for several years the focal point in the forestry debate in Tasmania. Those making this journey included church goers, forest workers and conservationists. They gathered ...

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Resurrection needed

I am writing in response to the article in the April journey on re-thinking Easter by Noel Preston. Rev Dr Greg Jenks is quoted as arguing that Mark’s gospel “draws on cultural myths of the ancient world to recount a story of a ‘Divine/Crucified Hero'”. First, I wonder why Journey would promote such a story, taking up almost half a ...

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Synod memories

I appreciate all that you and your team do to produce Journey on a monthly basis. It is manifest that there is a high degree of sheer hard work and much inspiration too to achieve and sustain such a high standard. I am forwarding this message for your information and not with a view to its publication though you are ...

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From the editor April 2006

Imagine being imprisoned for thirteen years. How much would society have changed in that time? In 1992, the last time you were a part of society, the Australian Prime Minister was Paul Keating and Queensland’s Premier was Wayne Goss. Mobile phones were rare and resembled a brick and the Internet was just catching on. Fittingly, the 1992 Academy Award winning ...

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Christians can’t condone the death penalty

On 2 December 2005 a bell tolled 25 times in Melbourne while a young man was hanged in Singapore’s Changi Prison. He was a convicted drug trafficker, caught carrying 400g of heroin. The pictures on the television were heart wrenching: a mother embracing her son following his brother’s execution. Capital punishment has been the subject of much debate over many ...

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Journey asks John Woodley: As a Christian why did you choose to be involved in politics?

During my time as a Senator there were two contradictory questions/comments frequently asked by Christians. One was, “What is a nice clergyman like you doing in a place like that?” and “I am glad you are in politics. We need more Christians in Parliament.” Both of these well-intentioned statements reveal a lack of knowledge of political processes and of the ...

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