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From the Editor – September

I have to “fess up” that I have racist tendencies. Well, if not racist then at least a xenophobic predisposition. I think deep down, many of us do. It’s not something we are proud of or even like to admit but there is a comfort in the familiar and a discomfort with the stranger. Recently however, I have been increasingly ...

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Journey asks Sandy Huang of her experience of racial prejudice

I come from a Taiwanese family and when I was a teenager, my family decided to immigrate to Australia. I was excited when we arrived as everything was new: new country, new neighbours, new houses, new friends… and new schools. I started attending a high school near home hoping to make more new friends but things do not always go ...

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Offerings to God

"Offering"’ means to most Christians, "the collection". Gifts of money during public worship. These vary between a tithe and a tip. The amount isn’t a true measure. A widow at the Temple giving all, and Dives, the rich man in hell, are part of the reckoning. Suburban churches have changed. Sunday morning choir and Sunday evening worship – these have ...

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Reflections on

Introduction Contentious issues arising from Assembly Resolution 84 are not confined to biblical, theological and ethical domains. The UCA publication – Sexuality and Leadership in the Uniting Church – contains a range of thoughtful searching material which should not be minimized or downplayed. However, I am aware of a dimension to the debate which, so far as I can tell, ...

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