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Letters April 2015

God is like an onion

I really enjoyed the last edition of Journey, especially the profile of Dr Joel Corney (“A quantum leap of faith” March 2015). I found it reassuring that a quantum physicist discussed the uncertainty that is the reality of life on planet Earth. Even though God is a certainty, there are plenty of things that are still left as mystery, which I think is great! It’s reassuring because I can only place my faith in Jesus, not in the order of creation or the stability of human knowledge. It’s very simple and that’s beautiful, like Joel said.

Even though we can enjoy investigating the systems that God has created, I still like the thought that he has so many layers (like an onion!) and we’ll never even begin to fully grasp all that he is and does. I’m sure he doesn’t mind that we want to know as much as we can find out, but the main thing is that we want to know Jesus better and serve him.

Susan Harriman
Acacia Ridge

There’s no single truth

Thank you for the excellent article, “A quantum leap of faith” (March 2015) and for the article on theological education in the previous Journey (“Shake, rattle and roll”, February 2015). Just as the biblical writers did their theology within their very different cultures and worldviews, we need to ensure that what we say theologically today is believable in today’s scientific world. Dr Joel Corney’s willingness to integrate his faith with his experience and knowledge is not only a message for us all, but makes for much more exciting reflections than trying to fit contemporary experiences into tribal desert and medieval monastical understandings.

There has never been one truth, despite what people claim. Theological ideas have waxed and waned through history, taking conflicting turns with changing leaders, contexts and political forces. As many people walk away from churches building even more fortresses around the ancient stories rather than facing the contemporary questions, congratulations to Journey for showing us that it is possible to find a faith that fits for today.

Dr Val Webb
Mudgee, NSW

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